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3 Signs That a Client Could COST YOU MONEY!

Cost you money

If I had 50 cents for every time I heard, “I knew that this client was going to be trouble!” I would be vacationing at a seaside resort−for the rest of my life!

In case your gut tells you “Don’t work with this buyer” and you look at your bank account, which is screaming “You need this!” here are some warning signs that this isn’t the right customer for you.

If you hear any of the following you may want to turn and run in the other direction:

1. REDUCE THE PRICE: “Can you reduce the price? I’m on a tight budget.”

Translation: “I expect YOU to do more work for LESS money!”

2. WE’LL DO AN EXCHANGE: “We can’t pay full price but, you’ll get a lot of exposure [a great testimonial, free promotion] in exchange.

Warning: Unless the person, company, or organization presents an advertising plan and/or agrees to he “tradeoffs” in writing, YOU will be doing more work for less money!

3. 911 DEADLINE: “We need this done right away! So we need YOU to build it [fix it, improve it…] a.s.a.p.!”

Warning: If your solution isn’t a quick fix this is not a realistic request.

Only you can decide what works for you. Trust your gut. Don’t sell yourself short. It doesn’t pay!

(FYI in my book,OutSell Yourself: Go From Hello to Sold with Ethical Business and Sales Techniques, there are solutions for these and other costly scenarios)

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