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What Does Kelly McCormick Actually Do? 

In a nutshell, Kelly develops business growth and marketing strategies that take entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized businesses and organizations to the next level. Her solutions clarify everything from your business growth strategies to your brand identity, marketing message and plans.

Kelly adds, “Having owned three successful business since I was 21 years old I know what it’s like to build a company from the ground up, and keep it thriving. Sharing my experience, ideas and solutions to brand, market and grow a business is extremely gratifying.”

How Does She Do It? 

Kelly has been described as “having a passion to get to the heart of the issues and clear a path to the destination.”

Her clients say that Kelly has an uncanny ability to intuitively decipher what is needed, and what will work, to brand, market and grow their business.

Is She Even Qualified? 

Kelly combines years of experience, plus an education in sociology and psychology, with street smarts and a strong intuitive sense of what will work to catapult businesses and organizations to the next level.

She Walks Her Talk

But Kelly doesn’t just talk the talk. She’s walked the walk. Kelly has owned three successful businesses—the first at age 21.

However, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. As a woman in business, back in the early days, Kelly had to navigate her way through many uncharted waters. Yet she was still able to simultaneously run her companies and educate herself on how to advance them. The perfect example of the multitasking woman!

Adding to those tricky situations, Kelly started all of her businesses during economically challenging times. Her personal motto – “I’ll figure this out”– kept Kelly buoyant. It is also transported throughout her work.

How She Built Her Business Chops

There were other opportunities to build her business chops.

For many years Kelly taught business development, sales and marketing in business programs and at colleges. In addition, Kelly has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and consultants to brand, develop and market their companies.

That led to being contracted to create entrepreneurial training programs. Then teaching other coaches to lead the workshops and do one-on-one business coaching and consulting.

Her expertise was further strengthened when Kelly became President of the largest chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS Toronto). Leading with her business skills, Kelly and her board influenced growth in marketing, operations, finances, events and membership.

Kelly is also a past member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the International Speakers Federation and the Association for Personality Type.

Some Cool Things Happened Along the Way

One of Kelly’s wise ideas is featured in the 2017 Woman’s Advantage® Shared Wisdom Calendar.

In 2015 Kelly was recognized as a Top 10 Small Business Influencer in the Small Business Trends annual recognition contest.

In 2009 Kelly was chosen by the Woman’s Advantage® as one of the “Top-Idea Mavens”.

Kelly is also quoted in the book Milk and Cookies for Success and is one of twenty four experts featured in the book Professionally Speaking.

Kelly has been called out on Twitter, as a person to follow.

Top Ten Book Author 

Her book, OutSell Yourself: Ethical Business and Sales Techniques, was named a TOP TEN SALES BOOK by Small Business Trends.

Featured Contributor

For two years Kelly wrote a monthly on-line column titled Gender Bender, on Selling to Women, for Sales and Marketing Management Magazine (former publication of The Nielsen Group).

Kelly was a Featured Contributor for She Owns It.  She blogged about business growth and marketing strategies. Her articles have appeared in many other publications and blogs.

Today, Kelly shares her business and marketing knowledge on her OutSell Yourself Blog.

Media Guest

Kelly is a frequent media guest. She does interviews on radio, podcasts and business shows. Kelly is also quoted in trade magazines, blogs, and good old fashioned newspapers.

Kelly Gets Hired

Entreprenuers, small to mid-sized companies and organizations hire Kelly as a Business Growth and Marketing Strategist, to move their business forward faster. Others hire her as a Keynote Speaker. She LOVES helping businesses and organizations to gain clarity and move forward faster!

Proof Is in the Results

FedEx cofounder, Frank Maguire, said, “Take advantage of her wisdom. ” There are also testimonials from entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized companies.

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