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Don’t Do This On Your Blog, Website or Marketing Materials…

How to write for your website and marketing materials
Yesterday I sent out a tweet that hit a nerve. It was about the stuff that bores people when you market.

Check out some of the reactions generated on Twitter. The responses could have you re-thinking your writing style.

The Tweet That Started Everything

Social Selling - Sound Real When Marketing

You can retweet it:

Is it a Texbook or a Person?

Here’s what @WSriTejaReddy shot back and my reply:

Social Selling - Speak Like a Person

Social Selling - How to write for blogs, websites, marketing materials

This Turns Clients and Customers Off

Also jumping in on the twitter debate with me @KellyMcCormick_ was @KendraLeeKLA. It was another insightful conversation, in my humble opinion.

Social Selling - Don't Sound Technical

Social Selling - Being Technical Turns Buyers Off

Social Selling - Don't Talk to Yourself

First Impressions are Made on The Internet

The internet is now your business card. Every place you show up on the web leaves an impression with potential customers.

By the time someone is ready to contact you they already have a sense of who you are and what you can do for them.

The question to ask is, “What kind of first impression are we making?”

Write as If You’re Having a Conversation

The tone you take when writing everything from your social media profiles, to your blogs, website content and marketing materials, will either attract or repel people. In under EIGHT seconds.

So before you sit down, to write anything, think about who will be reading it. Then write as if you’re speaking directly to that person.

This way people, potential clients and buyers, will feel like they know you. This moves them one step closer to reaching out.

I Can Help You

As simple as these solutions sound, being real and writing to one person, it can be tricky to do.

The number one problem that I’ve seen, over and over again, is being able to fully understanding your ideal customer.

Knowing who to target impacts EVERY decision you’ll ever make in your business. Including how to describe and price your services, to finding the right marketing channels and methods.

I’m not saying this to scare you. I am just getting real.

I can help you figure out your ideal buyer, what they want, what they’ll pay, what to say to them and where and how to promote. Contact me and “we’ll talk.”

Hi, I’m Kelly McCormick, a Business Growth and Marketing Strategist. I help entrepreneurs & companies to identify opportunities for growth. Plus, I develop targeted branding, marketing & sales strategies. I can help you too!

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