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Tweets You Can Useposted 10:03am April 21, 2014
Sales Tweets

Marketing and Sales Tweets You Can Post on Twitter

I tweet about business, on-line and off-line marketing and selling.

Here are some of my recent popular tweets for you.

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Okay enough with my public service announcement.

Here are the tweets I promised.

Buyers Go Missingposted 07:57am July 6, 2011
10 reasons pic

10 Reasons Why Buyers Go Missing and How to Follow-up

If a company or individual didn’t buy immediately, missed a scheduled follow-up, or didn’t respond to your messages, it could be for many reasons. (FYI, the following excerpt is from my book, OutSell Yourself: Go From Hello to Sold with Ethical Business and Sales Techniques.)

Here are 10 reasons why buyers go missing and the actions you can take to reconnect.

1. They died. Unless you’re in the funeral business, this probably isn’t good news. Check in later to find out who is now looking after things.

2. Someone else died. Send a card.

3. They had a deadline of their own. Call and say, “I understand. Given the current situation, when would you like me to contact you?”

The Doctor is in!posted 02:33am May 20, 2010

Make-the-Sale Anxiety: Recognize the 5 Symptoms and Build Your Immunity

The sales doctor is in! Professionals have been contacting me in record numbers with anxiety over the need to make a sale. The new economy has shaken up more than revenues.

It’s a different world today. Buyers want evidence – and lots of it – to justify why a purchase will be a wise investment. The knee-jerk reaction from sales representatives is to oversell. Too many of them are slipping into some nasty habits, which creates discomfort for everyone. Make-the-Sale Anxiety is quickly turning into an epidemic. Read the warning signs [ – ]

Motivateposted 02:25am May 20, 2010

Motivate Your Sales Force to Sell to Women in Four Easy Steps

What! Not all of your sales force wants to sell to the emerging female decision-making demographic? Have you tried to motivate them with mind-blowing statistics? You could mention that women make and/or influence approximately 80 percent of all buying decisions.

Still no one’s budging? Okay, how about this: Globally women spend an estimated $19 trillion each year. Still nothing? This calls for a plan. It’s time to use four easy steps to motivate staff to sell to women. [ – ]

Buying Tipsposted 02:20am May 20, 2010

Never Be Oversold Again

‘How did I spend double what I had budgeted?’ Is that scenario familiar? Today, more than ever, many women find themselves up against sellers determined to squeeze every penny out of their wallets. The reason is very simple. Worldwide, women now make up the largest buying group in existence.

Female Buyers, Beware: Many companies are working overtime to [ – ]

Fuel Your Salesposted 02:14am May 20, 2010

Fuel Your Sales – Even When Gas Prices Are High

We’re all affected by high fuel prices. Every time a car rolls up to the pump, the new economic reality takes an even bigger bite out of our collective wallets. The ripple effect has some buyers thinking long and hard before making buying decisions.

In turn, many companies and independent sellers are ringing alarm bells instead of ringing up sales. Fear-based thoughts – such as declining profits and potential downsizing – dominate these sellers’ every move. Regrettably, many professionals don’t recognize that they’re in the driver’s seat. The ability to be successful is within their control. [ – ]

Recession Sellingposted 02:00am May 20, 2010

Recession Selling: Four Things to Know About Selling to Men

Several men have surprised me in the past few weeks, and it wasn’t with flowers and chocolates.

Actually, it was what they said that made me gasp for air. They were discussing their new ‘cautious’ approach to buying goods and services.

These encounters led me to recognize a few key things about the buying behavior of men in our current economy:

Adapt Your Styleposted 05:40pm May 11, 2010

Women Have a New Buying Style

The mindset of female consumers has definitely changed. Moms, CEOs and women in many other roles have a whole new list of buying considerations. This is an important insight that you must grasp, and then change and incorporate into your selling style – immediately. Here’s why: Females influence approximately 80% of spending decisions. And your sales success could depend on how quickly you adapt to a woman’s new spending habits.[ – ]

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