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Kelly's E-Tipsposted 07:18pm May 25, 2010

What to Say When Something Sucks

The Situation:
Your fingers peel wrapping paper off the gift faster than snow melts in the spring. As you rip into the box, you tremble with anticipation. Then your heart stops. The gift is a homemade lime-green scarf-and-hat set. YUCK. Excitedly, your best friend asks, ‘So, do you like it?’

Kelly's E-Tipsposted 06:56pm May 25, 2010
funny woman 2

How to Ask for Help

The Situation The pressure is mounting at work and maybe even at home. Your ‘To Do’ list is overwhelming and you need help! Communication Action Tip Step One: Don’t use the word ‘Help’. Be aware that the word ‘help’ can make others nervous. It can imply neediness. People may fear that you want more than […]

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