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Avoid a Data Dumpposted 01:30pm June 9, 2011

How I Avoid Doing A ‘Data Dump’ When Selling

Many of us have sounded like a salesperson at one time or another. You know what I’m talking about. It’s when we blab on about those “Wonderful products and services!”

Please! What customer in their right mind would tell that kind of seller what they really wanted or what the true budget was? Not me.

I wouldn’t trust anyone who tried to sound or even act like a professional seller. This means that there were times when I wouldn’t even buy from myself. What an empowering thought.

Here is how I now avoid doing A ‘Data Dump’ when speaking to clients.

Kelly's E-Tipsposted 07:26pm May 25, 2010
Technobable and Women

Technobabble and Women

The Situation

Just when life couldn’t get any busier, Kelly’s laptop quit working. So she was off to the computer store to buy a new machine.

She barely got out the words, ‘I’m looking for a laptop’ when the eager sales associate began spewing out THOUSANDS of technical specifications for every laptop in the store!

Kelly’s head hurt. She staggered to her car, mumbling, ‘Thanks for ALL the information – ‘

The Doctor is in!posted 02:33am May 20, 2010

Make-the-Sale Anxiety: Recognize the 5 Symptoms and Build Your Immunity

The sales doctor is in! Professionals have been contacting me in record numbers with anxiety over the need to make a sale. The new economy has shaken up more than revenues.

It’s a different world today. Buyers want evidence – and lots of it – to justify why a purchase will be a wise investment. The knee-jerk reaction from sales representatives is to oversell. Too many of them are slipping into some nasty habits, which creates discomfort for everyone. Make-the-Sale Anxiety is quickly turning into an epidemic. Read the warning signs [ – ]

Fuel Your Salesposted 02:14am May 20, 2010

Fuel Your Sales – Even When Gas Prices Are High

We’re all affected by high fuel prices. Every time a car rolls up to the pump, the new economic reality takes an even bigger bite out of our collective wallets. The ripple effect has some buyers thinking long and hard before making buying decisions.

In turn, many companies and independent sellers are ringing alarm bells instead of ringing up sales. Fear-based thoughts – such as declining profits and potential downsizing – dominate these sellers’ every move. Regrettably, many professionals don’t recognize that they’re in the driver’s seat. The ability to be successful is within their control. [ – ]

Adapt Your Styleposted 05:40pm May 11, 2010

Women Have a New Buying Style

The mindset of female consumers has definitely changed. Moms, CEOs and women in many other roles have a whole new list of buying considerations. This is an important insight that you must grasp, and then change and incorporate into your selling style – immediately. Here’s why: Females influence approximately 80% of spending decisions. And your sales success could depend on how quickly you adapt to a woman’s new spending habits.[ – ]

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