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Kelly's E-Tipsposted 07:26pm May 25, 2010
Technobable and Women

Technobabble and Women

The Situation

Just when life couldn’t get any busier, Kelly’s laptop quit working. So she was off to the computer store to buy a new machine.

She barely got out the words, ‘I’m looking for a laptop’ when the eager sales associate began spewing out THOUSANDS of technical specifications for every laptop in the store!

Kelly’s head hurt. She staggered to her car, mumbling, ‘Thanks for ALL the information – ‘

Stand Outposted 02:29am May 20, 2010

Women Buy Brands: What Do You Sell Her?

Women buy brands. The days of simply selling a woman a product or service are over. Markets are far too crowded. To make a positive impact, today’s seller must develop a brand that’s meaningful to a woman. It’s the only way to stand out from the competition. It’s also the only way to gain access to the world’s largest buying market: women. [ – ]

Buying Tipsposted 02:20am May 20, 2010

Never Be Oversold Again

‘How did I spend double what I had budgeted?’ Is that scenario familiar? Today, more than ever, many women find themselves up against sellers determined to squeeze every penny out of their wallets. The reason is very simple. Worldwide, women now make up the largest buying group in existence.

Female Buyers, Beware: Many companies are working overtime to [ – ]

Adapt Your Styleposted 05:40pm May 11, 2010

Women Have a New Buying Style

The mindset of female consumers has definitely changed. Moms, CEOs and women in many other roles have a whole new list of buying considerations. This is an important insight that you must grasp, and then change and incorporate into your selling style – immediately. Here’s why: Females influence approximately 80% of spending decisions. And your sales success could depend on how quickly you adapt to a woman’s new spending habits.[ – ]

Selling To Womenposted 02:18pm May 4, 2010
Selling to Women

Why Selling to Women is Like Dating

Men you need to know that selling to a woman is a lot like dating. You’ll either make a great first impression or you’ll strike out. The ball is in your court.

So what’s a guy to do? I recommend you familiarize yourself with some of the fatal mistakes men make on a date, as well as when selling. Then apply some new approaches and fast.

To help you, here is some really good-to-know information.

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