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What to Say When Something Sucks

SurpriseThe Situation

Your fingers peel wrapping paper off the gift faster than snow melts in the spring. As you rip into the box, you tremble with anticipation. Then your heart stops. The gift is a homemade lime-green scarf-and-hat set. YUCK. Excitedly, your best friend asks, ‘So, do you like it?’

Communication Action Tip

Step One: Use Tact

‘Wow what an interesting gift.’

In business situations, using the word interesting can be useful too. For example, when your co-worker or client comes up with a bizarre idea, you can say, ‘Wow, what an interesting idea (decision/concept/plan) you thought up.’

Step Two: Be Kind

‘Obviously, a lot of effort went into this. Thanks!’

In business you can say, ‘Obviously, a lot of thought went into this. Thanks. Hey, let’s see what other ideas we can come up with.’

Final Thoughts

Communicate to Build Lasting Relationships!

Sometimes being brutally honest can be brutally cruel. It can also be a surefire way to ensure that people don’t engage again. Supportive and encouraging language empowers people to do their best, regardless of past performance.

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  1. Love this Kelly. The word “interesting” has proven to be a life saver more than once! 🙂


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