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Kelly’s presentation and sessions are customized for your product, services and group.

OutSell Yourself® with Customers and Clients

Just hearing the word ‘selling’ makes most people cringe. This is why business expert Kelly McCormick created her powerful, yet non-threatening, techniques to sell without selling. You’ll discover how to effectively break down real and imagined barriers and make instant connections with buyers. Kelly also shares her process that will enable you to work in partnership with your customers and clients to determine their exact needs. Plus you’ll find out when and how to ask about ‘the budget’. Kelly’s OutSell Yourself® methods make it possible to connect like never before, keep it real, and sell without selling.

OutSell Yourself® with Female Buyers

Why not increase your sales to the fastest-growing group of consumers? Women! They make and/or influence approximately 80 percent of all buying decisions. Business expert Kelly McCormick takes you on a journey into a woman’s world. You’ll discover what makes a woman’s buying and communication styles so distinctive. Then you’ll find out what you need to say and do to gain her trust, and uncover what she’s really looking for. A woman’s unique decision-making style is also demystified for you. Plus Kelly sets the record straight on what it takes to get repeat and referral business from a woman. This session is a must for both genders!

Outsell Yourself® with Couples, Families, and Committees

Men and women have very different buying styles. Whether you sell to a couple, family or to a committee, it can come down to this; he expects one thing from products and services and she expects something else. Suddenly you’re caught in the middle of a potential buying war. Well not any more. Business expert, Kelly McCormick sheds light on the key differences in what men and women look for from a seller, their products and services. She also outlines the core differences in how men and women process buying information – and what it takes to quickly adapt your sales conversation to be effective with each gender. Kelly also shares her techniques that help couples and/or committees to make critical buying decisions – in record time.

OutSell Yourself® Super Woman Selling Skills

Most women don’t like having to sell. It could be because the typical sales methods don’t fit with our ways of relating or communicating. So what’s a gal to do? Why she needs to invent a sales process that works for women. This is exactly what female entrepreneur and business expert Kelly McCormick did. Kelly shows you how to use your natural skills and abilities to build solid relationships with customers and clients. Plus you get tools to enhance your ability to speak confidently about yourself, your products and services. If you’ve ever felt nauseous when it comes time to discuss your prices and fees, Kelly has communication techniques that fix that problem too. Should your customer or client have any buying concerns, you’ll also find out how to respond in a way that keeps the conversation flowing. You name it and Kelly probably covers it. You’ll leave the session ready to increase your sales, in a style that work for you!

About Kelly and her Methods to OutSell Yourself®:

Kelly McCormick walks her talk. All of the OutSell Yourself® solutions are developed from Kelly’s education in psychology and sociology and her real-world knowledge. Kelly has owned three successful businesses – the first by age 21.

To get where she is today, Kelly reinvented business and sales models that sorely needed to change. In the process, she also created a wave of enthusiasm around her techniques. For almost two decades, as a professional speaker, author, coach, and consultant, Kelly has shared her knowledge with entrepreneurs, companies, corporations, and others in all phases of business development.