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How to Sell to Women

Women Have a New Buying Style: Adapt Your Selling Style to Make the Sale

Why Selling to Women is Like Dating

How to Sell to Men

Recession Selling: Four Things to Know About Selling to Men

Selling Skills for Women

Five Must-Have Selling Techniques for Women

Selling Skills for Women and Men

Make-the-Sale Anxiety: Recognize the 5 Symptoms and Build Your Immunity

Fuel Your Sales Even When Gas Prices are High

Buying Tips for Women

Buying Tips for Women: Never Be Oversold Again

Motivating Your Sales Force to Sell to Women

Motivating Your Sales Force to Sell to Women in Four Easy Steps

Marketing and Branding

Women Buy Brands: What Do You Sell Her?

*Reprinted from my monthly on-line column, Gender Bender, at Sales and Marketing Management magazine (former publication of the Nielson Group).

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