What’s Being Said About Kelly?

Clients Say:

Thank you for your great keynote presentation, Selling to Women, at the International Window Coverings Expo VISION! Our audience of interior design professionals, specializing in window treatments, loved the ideas as well as your presentation. You shared great points about selling to the sexes, especially women who are the primary decision makers in interior design and home decor. I look forward to working with you again!

President and CEO of  Grace McNamara Inc.

Kelly’s How to Sell to Women presentation made a tremendous impact with our dealers. Feedback from our recent conference was phenomenal. Dealers rated Kelly’s performance and her customized content as excellent. We look forward to doing more work with Kelly.

Kathy Ireland® Home by alta®

Kelly is a professional speaker I have shared the stage with in many industry shows. She is all about charisma with the audience in sharing her wealth of knowledge on dealing with people. As a business owner several times over starting at a very young age, she has real life experience as a successful entrepreneur who knows what makes a business tic – and a pleasure to work with!

Vice President of  Hunter Douglas

Kelly McCormick first came to my attention when she did an outstanding Keynote sales talk for an international corporation. I was so impressed with her content and presentation style, that three years later I still remembered her name. As a result, I hired Kelly as the Keynote speaker for our annual National Convention. We were very, very pleased with the insights she shared on how to sell to women. Kelly researched our company and gave a fully customized and entertaining presentation. We received great feedback from our franchisees.

CEO of  WineStyles®

We were extremely impressed with Kelly McCormick’s OutSell Yourself program. Kelly truly understood our business model and her presentation was entertaining, interactive and educational. Our Technical Sales Representatives were very impressed that Kelly provided them with a better understanding of the sales process.
VP of Sales of Nikon

Kelly McCormick first wowed Hunter Douglas Canada when she presented a fully customized business-building seminar. Our top dealers were so impressed with her content and engaging approach that we hired her again. Most recently, Kelly presented a Keynote talk on How to Sell to Women. She was both funny and enlightening. Dealers left the presentation with selling techniques that they could use immediately.

VP of Sales of Hunter Douglas Canada

Participants Say:

Pitney Bowes

“Excellent information on how to sell and deal with clients.” “Kelly gave information that’s easy to follow and recall on an ongoing basis. Thanks.” “Terrific information and presenter.”

Metal Supermarkets International Ltd.

“Kelly is a great presenter who really knows about business.” “Worth while and strategically constructed.” “Very informative.” “Great examples and ideas.” “Kelly works with the group – not at the group.” “Material on how to sell was well covered.” “Very stimulating presenter.”

Women Entrepreneurs of Santa Clarita Valley, CA

“Kelly provided excellent techniques for changing our internal and external dialogue, especially around setting and stating our fees.” “Kelly is very experienced and educated, not to mention entertaining. Today is a new day for me and my business because of her.” “Kelly was extremely motivational and very real. I felt like she was speaking directly to me. I can hardly wait to read her book.” “Kelly your energy is amazing. I love the way you have valued us as business women. I also appreciated all of the wisdom that you shared with us on how to do business a woman’s way.”

Centennial College

“Many bright ideas on how to market and sell.” “Very open, Kelly gives possibilities I never thought of.””Provided tons of opportunity to try out the ideas.” “Very effective.”

American Society of Interior Designers

“Kelly was very passionate and determined to clear a path with directions to take. Her performance was tremendous and insights into our industry came through loud and clear.” “Kelly’s years of experience make it easy, she is very thorough.” “The best and most useful sales and business tools I will have.” “Immediately useful!” “Great – very real – geared to our real life business issues.” “Excellent, dynamic presentation.” “Fantastic!”

Nortel Networks

“Terrific presentation and one of the best presenters I’ve heard” “Thanks for a very positive and informative learning experience.” “Excellent information.”

Seneca College

“Very applicable to the business and sales scenarios we deal with!” “Kelly has a strong knowledge base and is very informative.” “Kelly is a dynamic presenter whose practical information is easy to implement into the real world of business.” “Wow, Kelly is high energy, entertaining, open and approachable.”

City of Toronto

“Best course I’ve ever taken with the City.” “The exercises allowed us to understand ourselves better and improve our people skills.” “Phenomenal presenter.” “Great course. Well done!” “Lot’s of learning in a fun atmosphere.” “Very informative.” “Many ah-ha’s!” “Excellent program!”

Shermac Consulting Business Development Program

“Undoubtedly the best, most motivational instructor we have had to date.” “Kelly’s information and insights on selling are amazing.” “Truly a remarkable speaker – instills you with confidence.” “Kelly has excellent techniques and methods to use in business.””POWERFUL!!!” “This was great information. I really like your positive, non-threatening approach to selling.”

Riverdale Business Centre

“Kelly not only told us what to do but gave us the words to use.” “Your down to earth style and ability to involve the group made the evening not only educational, but also entertaining.” “This was one of the best sales presentations I’ve ever attended!”

Board of Governors of Exhibition Place – Toronto

“Great new ideas.” “Good information, well presented.” “Excellent! Kelly involved all participants.” “Very effective in educating on how to be more effective.” “Great.” “Dealt with many important issues.”

Hostel and Shelter Directors – City of Toronto

“Kelly is excellent – clear, focused and listens well. Her humour element is strong. Information is obviously well researched.” “Kelly gave useful tools for working with people that I will utilize immediately.” “Kelly is an amazing facilitator.” “I would highly recommend this presenter.”

New Visions Homes for Children and Adolescents

“It was fun & educational. Just as a seminar should be!” “It gave me better insights on how people think.” “Well done!” “Useful info, presented in a way people can easily relate to.” “A fine presentation.” “Very interactive.”

OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union)

“GREAT JOB! WE’VE HAD WONDERFUL FEEDBACK. Staff really needed the information and practice of your how to deal with people session. It’s extremely helpful in the difficult times of change.”

Ontario March of Dimes

“Relevant!” “Realized how to deal with various people and situations.” “Kelly’s excellent. She role modeled techniques taught throughout the 3 days.” “Will be extremely useful in my work.” “I have never come across a better presenter of a course.” “Best organized session I’ve ever attended.” “Kelly kept my attention for three days!” “It was positive and related to our situation.” “I’ve learned so much about how people think and operate – and what I need to do.”

More testimonials are available upon request