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Technobabble and Women

Technobable and Women The Situation

Just when life couldn’t get any busier, Kelly’s laptop quit working. So she was off to the computer store to buy a new machine.

She barely got out the words, ‘I’m looking for a laptop’ when the eager sales associate began spewing out THOUSANDS of technical specifications for every laptop in the store!

Kelly’s head hurt. She staggered to her car, mumbling, ‘Thanks for ALL the information – ‘

Communication Action Tip

Insight: Clear and concise communication makes life easier for women.

The average woman is on chronic overload. No longer is she just multitasking. The volume of details a woman handles daily has her multiminding. Excessive facts, figures, and technobabble just produce indecision and stress.

Action Tip: Replace technobabble with benefits.

Instead of saying:

‘This laptop has a Turbo Booster Processor, Model X-Y-WHO-CARES, 50 million gigabytes of high-octane RAM, 27 USB ports, 18X rewritable DVD drive, high-definition 5.1 onboard sound, optional PCI-16-YOU-ARE-PAYING-TOO-MUCH-VGA card – blah, blah, blah – ‘

Make her life easier:

‘This is a great laptop for your business. Here is how it works.’

Final Thoughts

Technobabble can be techno-overwhelming! More women than ever are educating themselves on products and services before they shop. What is most helpful to a woman is to know which product and/or service will best meet her needs. It’s best to talk benefits first. Then talk specifications (e.g., facts, figures, measurements).

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