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Are Your Clothes Selling YOU or Killing Sales?

“Casual Fridays have morphed into ‘Happy Hour’ Fridays, which can send the message, I’d rather be anywhere but here”, says Kelly Machbitz. Kelly is a Certified Image Consultant and author of, Wear This, Not That! Stylish Solutions to Flatter Your Figure.  Wow, she got my attention!

As a business expert, who coaches and speaks to entrepreneurs, business owners, and companies, I know that your personal image is as important as your brand. For many people their personal image is their brand. Take a look at some of those scary avatar photos on Social Networking sites!

As fast as my fingers could punch in the numbers, I called Kelly Machbitz. I wanted to find out some of the worst mistakes people make when dressing to do business.  I also needed to know what entrepreneurs, consultants, and business people should be wearing to “seal the deal”, so to speak. Here’s what I discovered…

Kelly McCormick: What is the worst mistake that people are making when dressing for business?

Image Consultant Kelly Machbitz: Today people love a mix and match wardrobe that you can dress up or down for business, social and casual. It’s great in theory, but the problem is that it’s too confusing for people to figure out. All of a sudden that low cut blouse and high stilettos, which look great at night and match your blue suit, are sending the wrong message in a meeting.

Kelly McCormick: What messages can a ‘mix and match’ wardrobe send to others at a meeting?

Image Consultant Kelly Machbitz: When someone wears evening or casual wear to a meeting, it can imply that they are not focused on business. It can say, “I’m already thinking about where I’m headed next. I’m not really that interested in this meeting.” Wearing clothes that are intended for other activities can leave people feeling that there is a lack of respect for them and their time.

Kelly McCormick: What about the person who ‘Dresses for Success” and ends up looking better than their client?

Image Consultant Kelly Machbitz: Overdressing for business could be intimidating to others. It can also limit communication. If your clothes give off the message that you are higher in status, your client may not feel comfortable enough to open up. They may not feel like they are on same level. It’s important not to out dress your customer.

Kelly McCormick: How can people figure out what to wear to make a good impression?

Image Consultant Kelly Machbitz: Think of yourself as a movie producer dressing someone in your position for a business meeting. Now ask yourself, “What would they wear?” For example a lawyer would wear a tailored suit and a doctor a white lab coat.  Now you can start to dress the way your character would be dressed.

Another way to know what to wear to make a good impression is to ask yourself, “How would you like clients to describe me”, i.e. smart, caring, creative. Now ask yourself, “What colors, accessories, and styles would convey that message?”

Kelly McCormick:  What other resources are there to help people dress correctly?

Image Consultant Kelly Machbitz: On my website I also have a Style Scale, which helps determine the formality of fashion. It gives examples of what to wear in different environments.  When in doubt, hire an Image Consultant.

About Kelly Machbitz: You can find out more about Certified Image Consultant Kelly, AICI CIP, her services, and her book, Wear This, Not That!  Stylish Solutions to Flatter Your Figure, at

About Kelly McCormick: Business expert, Kelly McCormick, knows how to ‘Move Your Business Forward Faster’ through her coaching, consulting and speaking. She is the author of OutSell Yourself: Go From Hello to Sold With Ethical Business and Sales Techniques! You can reach Kelly at

Hi, I’m Kelly McCormick, a Business Growth and Marketing Strategist. I help entrepreneurs & companies to identify opportunities for growth. Plus, I develop targeted branding, marketing & sales strategies. I can help you too!

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