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How I Use LinkedIn for Business

Leverage LinkedIn for Business1. Reach out to the Indirect Competition:

Last week, I invited yet another business expert who speaks professionally to join my LinkedIn network. In his reply in-mail he said, “Really curious about why you chose to connect with me?” Here was my reply:

Hi Frank,

Even though we both speak professionally, we have different areas of expertise in business; yet we have a similar target market. From past experience, I have found that this connection can create great opportunities for my LinkedIn community to learn about you and vice versa.

Thanks for accepting my invitation.

I look forward to a profitable connection, however that pays off.


2. Make Strategic Connections with Suppliers:

Strategic connections with indirect competition can result in business for of both parties.

Suppliers who service my target market have also received business from my LinkedIn connections. My computer guru, headshot photographer, editor and others have all benefited from my network.

For me, there’s nothing sweeter than receiving a call or email from someone who starts the conversation with, “I found your name in a mutual contact’s connection list on LinkedIn.” Or “I saw that so-and-so recommended you on LinkedIn, which is why I’m calling you.”

These connections have been a win-win all around.

3 More Tips to Build Profitable Connections through Social Networking:

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Please share your LinkedIn tips and experiences with us.

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