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3 Simple Actions to Get New Clients

Actions to Get Clients

Marketing can seem intimidating. There are a lot of options. As a result too many businesses fall into the all or nothing trap.

The best course of action is to focus on a few targeted marketing methods. Then measure the return on your time and/or investment. That is exactly what one business owner did. Here is the story of how he got my business, based on three simple things.

1. W.O.M.M.

Flash back to nine years ago. At the time I needed a specific service. Like most people I asked those I trusted for a referral. Two people highly recommended the same person for similar reasons. They said he was knowledgeable, very client focused and provided good results.

It’s important to know why people will hire you and/or your company. Knowing this gives you a standard to live up to, which in turn can lead clients to refer business to you. This is known as W.O.M.M. (word of mouth marketing).  He got that right!

2. Radar

Unfortunately for the business owner my situation changed. Back then I no longer required his company’s services. However, he intentionally kept himself on my radar.

The simple action he took was to send me a birthday card, every year, from his company.  If sending a card of any type isn’t appropriate in your industry, or the only contact info you have is an email address, there are other ways to stay on the radar of current, former and potential clients.

You can email interesting articles, newsletters, tips or helpful information, do social media blasts when new blog posts come out or when your company achieves a milestone…the sky is the limit. The secret is to persevere.

Don’t get discouraged. Not every sale or contract will take nine years to get. However the reality is that not every sale or contract closes on the first attempt. Unfortunately many businesses, and sales people, walk away too quickly. Not to sound too salesy, but this is what is meant by needing to “nurture a lead.”

Now let’s get back to our story.

Fast forward to today. I had a need for specific services. So what business name was top of mind? Of course it was the company who sent me a birthday card, year after year. Wow that makes me sound really old. Anyway I think you get the point. Find easy ways to stay in touch and top of mind with prospective customers, no matter how long it takes.

3. Check-In

Here’s the third thing the business owner did to make sure he had a study supply of clients. At the end of our call he asked, “How did you hear about us?”

I told him about my initial contact, almost a decade ago, and the cards sent to me every year. I went on to tell him how I kept his contact info in case I had a future need. He told me that he hears that all the time from potential and former clients.

During our conversation I mentioned that I helped small to mid-sized companies with their marketing. Would he mind if I asked him a few questions? He agreed and here’s what else I found out.

He said that unless a card is returned, due to a change of address, they just keep sending them. In all the years they’ve been mailing the cards only one person asked to have their name removed from the list. For this company, sending inexpensive correspondence has been the one of the best marketing methods they have ever used.

Turning Inquiries Into Clients

Putting on my other hat, business strategist, I’ll add that driving traffic to your business is one thing. But to keep people interested there are other important elements to finesse.

You must be able to clearly describe your services. This means you need to avoid using industry lingo when speaking. It sounds like ‘techno-babble’. When someone has to read, and decipher, any industry jargon in your marketing materials or on your website they can quickly lose interest there too.

You also need to understand, and communicate, the benefits of what you’re offering. WIIFM (what’s in it for me) is what clients really buy.

Plus your packages/options/prices should fit your target customer’s buying habits and budget. It might be time to give your service packages a tune-up.

It’s also important to provide personalized service, especially when you are an expert and/or your services are specialized.

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Hi, I’m Kelly McCormick, a Business Growth and Marketing Strategist. I help entrepreneurs & companies to identify opportunities for growth. Plus, I develop targeted branding, marketing & sales strategies. I can help you too!

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