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Quick Tip #3 – How to ‘Sell Without Selling’

This is the third in a series of quick tips on how to ‘sell without selling’.

Just like Quick Tip #1 and Quick Tip #2, the information comes from my book, OutSell Yourself: Go From Hello to Sold!

Quick Tip #3 − Linking

• When you ‘sell without selling’ you ask enough questions and summarize your understanding of your buyer’s needs and/or problem, Quick Tip #1 and Quick Tip #2,

• Once you understand exactly what is needed, you link your proposed solutions to match the client’s needs.

• At this stage DO NOT slip into doing a sales presentation or offering more than is required.

• You built a lot of trust when you focused on your client and their situation. Don’t blow it now.

• Be the expert that you are and demonstrate that you have exactly what the client is looking for.

“I recommend the following, _____________, to meet your needs of ______, ______, and ______.”

• Lots of non-threatening questions and clarifying statements, examples of proposals and methods to present solutions, and more can be found in my book, OutSell Yourself: Go From Hello to Sold!

Hi, I’m Kelly McCormick, a Business Growth and Marketing Strategist. I help entrepreneurs & companies to identify opportunities for growth. Plus, I develop targeted branding, marketing & sales strategies. I can help you too!

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