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How to Ask for Help

funny woman 2The Situation

The pressure is mounting at work and maybe even at home. Your ‘To Do’ list is overwhelming and you need help!

Communication Action Tip

Step One: Don’t use the word ‘Help’.

Be aware that the word ‘help’ can make others nervous. It can imply neediness. People may fear that you want more than they can give or that your requests for help will never end!

Step Two: Show respect for their time.

‘Cassie, if you are available/if it’s a good time/ if you have a few minutes – ‘

Step Three: Make them the expert.

‘ – I would appreciate your support/advice/thoughts/expertise – with this problem/challenge/dilemma.’

Final Thoughts

Know When to Ask.

If you believe asking for help is a sign of weakness then here is another thought – real weakness is not knowing when to ask.

Finally, follow up with those meaningful ‘thank you’ notes and e-mails!

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