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Quick Tip #2: How to ‘Sell Without Selling’

This is the second of three quick tips on how to ‘sell without selling’.

There is an old saying, “People love to buy. But no one wants to be sold.” Keep reading to find out how to take the sleaze out of selling.

Quick Tip #2 − Summarizing

• When you focus on your client, Quick Tip #1, you ask open-ended questions. Your goal is to find out as much as you can. You want to determine what is really needed.

• If you do a good job of asking non-threatening questions, it can be very easy to get lost in the details.

• It’s important that you clarify your understanding of what was said.

“So if I understand you correctly, you are looking ________ to solve the problem of_________.”

•  Wait to hear your buyer say, “Yes, that’s right”. If you didn’t get it right, most people will automatically restate their needs.

• Why will people state their needs? Because by not trying to sell, you’ve been demonstrating that you are trying to help. You are ‘selling without selling’.

• Other clarifying, paraphrasing and summary statements are in my book, OutSell Yourself: Go From Hello to Sold!

Hi, I’m Kelly McCormick, a Business Growth and Marketing Strategist. I help entrepreneurs & companies to identify opportunities for growth. Plus, I develop targeted branding, marketing & sales strategies. I can help you too!

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  1. Wade Harman says:

    I remember our conversation about this the other day. Pretty powerful stuff.

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