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How to Say Noposted 07:59am August 31, 2011

How to Say “No” to Clients

We teach people how to treat us. Well, that’s what Dr. Phil says and I tend to agree with him on this point.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners have a tough time setting boundaries with their clients. It’s understandable. When you care about what you do it makes sense that you’d want to give your best.

However, this can become a problem when giving your best means that there is little time, energy, or money left for you!

Identifying Benefitsposted 08:08am August 24, 2011

Identifying Your REAL Benefits

(Excerpt from OutSell Yourself: Go From Hello to Sold by Kelly McCormick)

Customers may be attracted to the features of what you offer, but it’s the benefits of your products and services that really win them over. If you mistakenly focus on the bells and whistles, you could lose out.

Before we go any further, we need to make sure that we are speaking the same sales language. Sellers often confuse features with benefits. If we don’t clear this up, the rest of what’s here for you might not make sense…

Fuel Your Salesposted 02:14am May 20, 2010

Fuel Your Sales – Even When Gas Prices Are High

We’re all affected by high fuel prices. Every time a car rolls up to the pump, the new economic reality takes an even bigger bite out of our collective wallets. The ripple effect has some buyers thinking long and hard before making buying decisions.

In turn, many companies and independent sellers are ringing alarm bells instead of ringing up sales. Fear-based thoughts – such as declining profits and potential downsizing – dominate these sellers’ every move. Regrettably, many professionals don’t recognize that they’re in the driver’s seat. The ability to be successful is within their control. [ – ]

5 Must Havesposted 02:09am May 20, 2010

Five Must-Have Selling Techniques for Women

No doubt about it, a woman’s selling style is radically different from a man’s. We have a unique set of values, communication traits, and behaviors – characteristics a woman must express when selling, if she wants to feel comfortable and confident.

Unfortunately, far too many women sell in a style that works better for men. This isn’t terribly unlike building an igloo in the Sahara; as soon as you lay the foundation for a great structure things dissolve before your very eyes. No matter how hard you struggle, the pieces never seem to come together. To avoid watching your sales dreams evaporate into thin air, take heed of the following techniques: [ – ]

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