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Why Not Ask "Why"?posted 07:16am June 16, 2011

Why Not Ask “Why”?

“Why” questions can certainly provide you with important information. Unfortunately people tend to become defensive when asked “why.” They feel judged.

Imagine if someone were repeatedly asking you “why” you were thinking or feeling a certain way. Even if they had your best interest at heart, you’d probably feel challenged. For most people, their common reaction would be to withhold information or defend their position. Does this remind you of any relationships you’ve been in?

5 Must Havesposted 02:09am May 20, 2010

Five Must-Have Selling Techniques for Women

No doubt about it, a woman’s selling style is radically different from a man’s. We have a unique set of values, communication traits, and behaviors – characteristics a woman must express when selling, if she wants to feel comfortable and confident.

Unfortunately, far too many women sell in a style that works better for men. This isn’t terribly unlike building an igloo in the Sahara; as soon as you lay the foundation for a great structure things dissolve before your very eyes. No matter how hard you struggle, the pieces never seem to come together. To avoid watching your sales dreams evaporate into thin air, take heed of the following techniques: [ – ]

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